The Armour-Stiner (Octagon) House

By Joseph Pell Lombardi

An illustrated history of The Armour-Stiner (Octagon) House, written by owner Joseph Pell Lombardi. Through a collection of images and an extensively researched history, Joseph Pell Lombardi provides a first-time, comprehensive narrative into the lyrical Armour-Stiner (Octagon) House and its significance. Unique-to-the world, this extraordinary home has an equally extraordinary story. Being a full account of a highly skilled professional conservation of an important monument, this beautiful book will appeal to all including architectural historians, preservationists, home restorers, and anyone interested in remarkable homes. An international architect, preservationist, recipient of numerous awards, and a worldwide lecturer, Joseph Pell Lombardi has conserved over 1,000 historic homes throughout the world during the past 50 years. The full color, softcover book is 100 pages and contains over 100 images. 11.75" x 8.25" (29.5cm x 21cm). Price includes shipping via USPS.   
Hot Beverage Mug, 11 ounces.  Images shown include The Armour-Stiner Octagon House in 1883 and again in 2019.  Purchase available on-site to tour ticket holders only.   To purchase tour tickets, please see our online ticketing page.   The Octagon House is very much a private home, tours, and access to the grounds are by advance reservation only.